November 23, 2019

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Korean music thrills at Visa for Music

by artsghana • November 24, 2019 • By John Owoo (In Rabat – Morocco)

The Tune, an all female band from the Republic of South Korea with a flashing charismatic singer charmed a capacity audience at the Visa for Music Festival, which ended last Saturday in the Moroccan capital Rabat.

In a performance at Palais Tazi, the five-piece band with members who are all multi instrumentalists and singers, exhibited a curious blend of Korean traditional music, jazz, contemporary, gypsy and shamanistic music, which recalled ancient Korean traditions......

November 06, 2019


The Tune Have Fun Reinventing Ancient Korean Sounds at Lincoln Center


There’s been an explosion of psychedelic folk-rock coming out of Korea recently, and Lincoln Center has become one of the best places in New York to see it. Last night all-female quintet the Tune made alternately slinky, swaying and galloping themes out of ancient chants, dance tunes and peasant songs. Yujin Lee’s elegant neoromantic piano imbued the sound with a western classical lustre: there were times when the music sounded straight out of the UK circa 1974. But as translucent as their melodies are, the group have an enigmatic side: “Nobody knows us except us,” front woman Hyun kyung Go grinned. As the night went on, she turned out to be very funny: it’s been awhile since such an amusing band played here......

November 06, 2019


From K-Pop to the Concert Hall

Traditional Korean music draws American audiences

MIN JI KOO / 07 NOV 2019 | 11:05

Traditional Korean music, with its colorful zithers, cymbals, powerful voice and drumming, is starting to invade the American music scene.

The Tune, an all-female band from Korea, continued a national tour at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium on Nov. 7, following a 30-day tour by Korean percussionist Kim So Ra that turned heads from New York to Indiana.

“Although Korean music has a broad spectrum of topics, melodies, and sounds, most American audience members may think only Korean pop as Korean music,” said Lee Soung Soon, a percussionist of The Tune. “Now, it’s our turn to show our diversified music.” ...... 

October 18, 2019


국악 크로스오버 바람…‘신한류’가 몰아친다

입력 2019.10.19 00:21 수정 2019.10.21 16:08  유주현 기자

지난 10월 7일 정동극장 정동마루에서는 외국인 20여 명을 앞에 두고 5인의 여성 뮤지션들이 작은 공연을 펼쳤다. 장구·해금·피리 등 국악기 베이스지만 헤비메탈 음색의 보컬과 서정적인 키보드 선율, 농악판 상쇠의 꽹가리까지 뒤섞인다. 국악인지 재즈인지 집시음악인지 몰라도 사물놀이를 보듯 신명 난다. 외국인들도 굿판에서 쓰는 ‘서리화’를 응원봉처럼 흔들며 하나가 된다.
지난주 열린 예술경영지원센터의 국악 뮤지션 해외유통 프로젝트 ‘저니투코리안뮤직’ 행사 중 창작음악그룹 ‘더튠’의 쇼케이스였다. 각국에서 모여든 월드뮤직 전문가들에게 우리 뮤지션을 선보이는 자리다. 올해 6대 1의 경쟁률을 뚫고 ‘저니투코리안뮤직’에 선정된 ‘더튠’은 우리에겐 낯선 이름이지만 뉴욕 링컨센터에 초청받을 정도로 해외 활동이 활발한 그룹이다. 모로코에 이들을 초청한 ‘르 블루바드(Le Boulevard)페스티벌’ 디렉터 히캄 바후는 “아시아 음악의 특징을 잘 담고 있으면서도 세계화에 손색없는 음악성을 갖춘 게 매력적”이라며 “우리 모로코 축제뿐 아니라 다른 축제에도 추천하고 싶다”고 말했다.....

June 11, 2019

CRTVG | Noticias de Galicia

Novidades musicais de Sol Madrid, con Aitana Cuétara

Publicado o 12/06/2019 18:24



Sara Correia (Portugal), The Tune (Corea do Sul) e artistas galegos no Sol Madrid. 

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